FAQ – your questions, our answers

Here you will find the most frequently asked question about the BACHMANN GROUP and the packaging industry.

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  • What is a CO2 calculator?
    Our environmental consultant Carbotech developed the Eco Check environmental calculator for us. With this, we can calculate and compare the CO2 footprint and UBP (environmental impact points Switzerland) for three product variants simultaneously.
  • What is "Impresso"?
    Impresso is the name for our company tour for visitors. At three stations, facts about our company are explained and presented with a view of production and warehouse. Optionally, it can also be supplemented with a short visit to the hygiene zone.
  • How do biodegradable materials affect the environment?
    Biodegradable materials decompose naturally without leaving harmful residues. Over time, the material breaks down into harmless substances, thus not harming the environment. Many natural materials like wood, paper, or plastics made from raw materials such as corn starch or sugarcane are biodegradable.
  • What does Desing for Recycling (D4R) mean?
    To ensure optimal recyclability of plastic packaging, specific guidelines called «Design for Recycling» are developed. By complying with these guidelines, recycling granulate that can be reused can be produced as effectively as possible from recycled plastic packaging.
  • What is RecyPac und what role does it play in the waste management?
    RecyPac enables nationwide, standardised collection of plastic packaging and sevrage cartons in Switzerland. A voluntary, private sector solution for a Swiss circular economy secures long-term financing and guarantees nationwide collection and eco-efficient recycling. Environmental impact is minimized and the reuse of resources is promoted by ensuring that packaging materials are effectively recycled and kept within the economic cycle.